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So, you like driving games? Don't bother with Forza Horizon then...

Why the Crew is on the top of the world.

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For a couple of months, I use my laptop for gaming. And I wanted to start playing a casual open-world racing game again. I used to play Forza Horizon (FH from now on) 2 and 3, but I am only able to buy FH4 and 5 on my laptop. And, honestly, I don't like FH4 for a couple of reasons, and that's also why I didn't buy FH5 (besides that, it's too expensive). That's when I suddenly remembered that I had another open-world racing game on Xbox: THE CREW

Playing the Crew got me wondering why people bothered with the Forza franchise because frankly, the Crew is just so much better.


The biggest selling point of the Crew is its map, which is -there's no other word for it- enormous. The map is the United States of America and has everything any driver can wish for. Unlike FH, it has enormous stretches of motorway, plenty of mountain passes. But it also has twisty coastal roads with fast corners, alternating with complex, slow, tight corners. It even provides race circuits like Sebring International Raceway and Laguna Seca.

The Crew map - The Crew Wiki Fandom

The Crew map - The Crew Wiki Fandom

This game brings open-world race gaming to a whole new level, it reminds me of Test Drive Unlimited. The joy of endless driving, not knowing where to go, and without driving the same road every half an hour is unheard of these days. This game basically combines the maps of FH2,3 and 4, while doubling their potential.

The season based system of FH4 is quite useless, I always found myself wanting to drive in the snow while it's summer. In the Crew, you can choose whether you want to drive in the snow or not, there's a whole area with eternal snow. Something like FH3's Blizzard mountain but then on the actual original map, and you're actually able to access it when you just started playing. Because Ubisoft didn't pull the Crew out of the store as Microsoft did with FH, FH2 and FH3. You can even try the free trial!

But... the number of cars

Yes, FH might have hundreds of cars while the Crew only has around 60, but that's not the point. One of the reasons why I don't like FH4 is that you're able to make money fast. And from what I've heard of FH5, this even got worse, where's the joy and satisfaction of saving up for a car you really like and want and finally being able to buy it. To drive thousands of kilometres (for the imperial users: thousands of miles) with and enjoy it. You don't get bored with the car because you keep driving the same pieces of road over and over again.

most importantly: you can do burnouts!

Some kind of idiot

Secondly, why bother about the number of cars, if the first thing most FH players do is put the poor thing in the shop and upgrade the hell out of them. Throwing out everything that's original and ruining how the cars are supposed to feel. Until the only difference between your RS6 and Chiron is how your car looks like in third-person or cockpit view. But, since I actually like driving and have a gaming wheel, I use bonnet view, so for me, there'd be no difference between the said cars.

Oh, and did I mention the game has motorcycles?

Cars doing nyom over a bridge - Ubisoft

Cars doing nyom over a bridge - Ubisoft


This is another point where the Crew has an immense advantage over the FH franchise. The storyline of the Crew is just astonishing, It's not just driving around, winning races and running your own festival, or becoming the festival's best driver, you really feel like archiving something. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it easily can be turned into a movie or tv series and everyone would love it.

But FH has more realistic force feedback

Yes, that might be true too, the game is simply older. Force Feedback (FF) might be better, but it's still way off from games like Assetto Corsa. Both games are still arcade-style games, apparently, they need to be accessible for the majority of people. You don't notice the less good FF, since you just can't be bothered about it, you have the whole of the USA to explore! In your favourite car! Also, why bother about realism if you use a third-person view...

TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition - Thrustmaster

TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition - Thrustmaster

I'm struggling to get the point of new FH's over and over

Don't get me wrong, FH is a great game. Well, 2 and 3 are, but why would you buy the new version every 2-3 years, spending hundreds of euros/dollars/pounds/etc. Is the game improving so much? Is it because you get bored with the map and having all cars and 200 million on your bank account? Is it the new cars, which they could've just brought out in an update/car pack?

There's plenty of great games that haven't had a new number written behind the name in years, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and GTA5 for instance. Their basis, the map is amazing, and all other things just got better with updates and DLC's. And the Crew is heading the same way.


To conclude my conclusion, you're better off with the Crew if you just want to drive. And if you need realism to really push your cars too, get both the Crew and Assetto Corsa and you'll still save money compared to buying FH.

edit: With special thanks to @Arran Angus the Crew is available on the Playstation, while FH is not.

Thanks a lot for reading!

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Comments (76)

  • Not gonna lie I play fh5 and all I do is pootle around in my stock Land Rover series III with its top speed of 80 which works just fine for me

      11 days ago
  • Yeah but the Crew 2 is Ubisoft, which automatically makes it bad. EA and Ubisoft are the antichrist.

      11 days ago
  • I think Forza Horizon has a better physics model, and the map is more detailed. There is plenty of benefits to The Crew though, as you noted (the size of the map, the variety, the story (not the greatest thing ever, but it’s Shakespeare compared to Forza). It’s hard for me to compare though, as I put hundreds of hours into The Crew a few years ago (I put 6k miles on my in game Miura), and I’ve put maybe 30 hours into Forza (if that). I have done what I wanted to do in the Crew (plus far more), whereas I’m just starting out with Forza

      11 days ago
    • Good points!

      I too have spent more hours in one game than in the other, but then I spent more time in 3 Forza games, but I also spent quite some considerable time in the Crew

      And Forza is fun, but I like the crew better and don't see a reason for the...

      Read more
        11 days ago
    • I agree there. My only concern is it’s a constantly online game (as is the slightly worse Crew 2), so one day the servers will die, and so will the game

        11 days ago
  • The Crew 2's map is big but has the textures of a PS2 game. The racing is soleless, the graphics all round are horrendous, having a battle pass in a racing game is a joke, the physics are way below par, sorry can't agree. The Crew 2 was probably the most disappointing racing game I ever played. So much potential, and I enjoyed The Crew 1 which is predominantly what this article talks about. But the only way its better than Forza is through map size, not even quality.

      7 days ago
    • 100% agree the engine sounds are also terrible

        7 days ago
    • There's a reason Forza stays king of the open world racing genre.

        7 days ago
  • I completely agree and the crew is available on ps4 FH isn't

      11 days ago
    • Yesssss

      Ooh I totally forgot about that


      Read more
        11 days ago