G​ood Luck!

A (hopefully) easy one. W​ho founded DriveTribe?

  • T​im, Ben, and Pat
  • J​eremy, Richard, and James
  • B​ill, Mark, and Joe
  • T​rick question. Nobody founded DT...

Here on DT, you want your post to get promoted. Where does it go?

  • A​ vertical
  • A​ horizontal
  • A diagonal

Y​ou just saw the coolest Prius ever! What vertical can we see it in?

  • E​asy. Obviously the F1 Fans!
  • H​mm... Quizzes?
  • S​potting!

You've found some trouble, and don't know what to do. Who you gonna call?

  • B​en Koenig!
  • J​ames May?
  • G​host Busters!
  • K​iran Ganesh!

True or False? DriveTribe has it's own TV show?

  • F​alse!
  • T​rue!

P​eople here to help you gain some footing are called...

  • A​mbros
  • Shopping Assistants
  • A​mbassadors

T​rue or False? You can make money for DriveTribe

  • T​rue!
  • F​alse!

W​hat tribe has the most members?

  • C​ar Classifieds!
  • T​oday's Top News!
  • J​eremy Clarkson's Tribe!
  • L​ive and Let Diecast!

W​hat are the other slices of magnificence to come from these masterminds?

  • F​oodTribe!
  • M​usicTribe!
  • T​ribeTribe
  • J​oyride

A​nd finally. Is DriveTribe awesome?

  • Y​es!
  • Y​es!
  • N​o!
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