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      Sober But, Sleepy Man Crashes BMW Into The Top Of A Tunnel And Survives

      It is a Christmas Miracle, BMW can be a guardian angel and No, its not footage from a video game

      1y ago


      Honestly, when I first heard of this I did think it was going to be footage one of the Grand Theft Auto’s weird player uploads. I have seen some pretty weird stuff on GTA footage and if you have seen some, you get my point of view.

      A 44 year old BMW driver in Slovakia was driving at 5 am with the lack of sleep. Some moments after while asleep and nearing a tunnel he veered off the road hit an elevated piece of concrete (which served as a ramp) some sparks and the car launched in the air and into the top of the tunnel, hits the top of the tunnel, does a flip and lands back on the wheels.

      Miraculously, the guy in the car survives and got out with only a few bruises. The aftermath pictures released by Polícia Slovenskej Republiky (Slovak Republic's Police) show the car wrecked. The police has confirmed the man was sober. This just goes to show how safe todays cars are. This truly is a Christmas miracle and BMW X1 (or at least it appears to be one) is that man’s guardian angel.

      However, even though this footage has gone viral, It should serve as a reminder that driving sleepy is as dangerous as driving intoxicated or recklessly and could kill you. None the less, drive safe this Christmas season.

      Merry Christmas in Advance to all of you.

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      Comments (23)

      • Typical BMW driver, didn't even indicate.

          1 year ago
      • Notice the brake lights come on just before impact with top of tunnel. Talk about an oh shit moment.

          1 year ago
      • 10/10 for the difficulty of the jump

        1/10 for the lending

          1 year ago
      • sleepy my arse,,,,he nicked will smiths car from men in black

          1 year ago
      • Stunt bonus: $23

          1 year ago


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