- The concept for the Genesis Mint, photo credit to Genesis.

Soft Mint : Tom's Opinion

Oh, that's definitely gonna look like that.

2y ago

So this is my first swing at automotive journalism, leading from the inspirational words of Lord James Slowington III on the DriveTribe YouTube Channel with his wise words of "Just write something", or at least that's what I think he said. I was multitasking on some app I think. Us millennials and our short attention span, am I right? No, since I'm not a millennial. Anyway, back to the point, I've been seeing this cute little thang all over my FaceBook feed and I wanted to look into it, then share my thoughts with you beautiful members of DriveTribe. So it's the latest concet by Genesis and I've got mixed emotions on it.

So, there is the initial obvious factor, being the fact that it will not look like this, if it were to ever be produced, those wheels look like a curb's arch nemesis. There are vastly exaggerated features on the car, like the chunkiness of its ass, or the Range Rover sized wheels plonked into a car the size of an actual mint. These would never see it past the concept phase.

So more on the basis of styling, since that is the main thing that I can go off, seeing as there isn't too much information on this car, there are certain hints of other cars and other manufacturers in this little toy. The main thought that springs to anyone's mind is to be expected and that is the reminiscence of a Tesla. Don't hit me, I'm not a fan-boy, its just the no-grill design that is commonly used on electric cars is a mental trigger that brings on the thought of a Tesla, due their huge presence in the electric car scene. Another small familiarity is of Aston Martin. It could just be the green paint, but in my eyes, this is like the Cygnet that went right. Remember that gem? The Toyota IQ, that drive into an Aston grill, was slapped with some leather and had a few horses dropped into the engine, to make it a bit less embarrassing and justify its shameful price tag.

Anyway, that's my thoughts, mainly (or basically completely) on the design of this electric thing by Genesis. Oh yeah, its electric and the size of an MX-5, or Miata for you fellows over the pond. There's a couple more facts for you peeps. So this is my first article, I'll get used to and more comfortable with the format in the future. I hope you enjoyed.

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