- Sokol: Drivetribe's Newest Car Company

Sokol: Drivetribe's Newest Car Company

Today marks the launch of my new car company, Sokol.

11w ago

Handling, Performance, Pure Driving Feel. These are the cornerstones on which Sokol Automotive was founded. In a growing market of performance and sports cars, Sokol offers a fresh range of vehicles for the driving enthusiast. Our cars are not just methods of transportation, instead, they are examples of finely-tuned thoroughbreds built specifically for the track and winding road.

Our Cars

As of writing, Sokol has only one automobile available for purchase, the Sokol Zmeya, but many more are on their way. We wish to provide performance cars made exclusively for enthusiasts and will stop at nothing to provide our customers with driving pleasure.

Our Logo

Sokol's Minimalist Logo

Sokol's Minimalist Logo

Sokol's First Car

In case you missed it, we have already launched our first car, the Zmeya. The link is in the comments if would like to check it out!

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