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Solar Cars: Making the Sun Make You Move

Unlimited driving range and fuel which comes for free from the sky

27w ago


We live in times of renewable energy "hype". Now, what is its sunny contribution to the car industry?

The Solar Impulse 2 plane flew over the Earth in 2016. The Byron Bay Railroad Company presented a solar-powered railcar in 2017. Then there is Heliotrope, a Sun-chasing energy-positive building, erected in 1994.

Sun-fueled cars also exist. But believe it or not, the majority of them are fine-tuned for solar races, not family journeys. The Guinness World Record states that the fastest of such vehicles is the Sky Ace TIGA (max recorded speed is 165km/h).

This video speaks about the advantages and disadvantages of individual solar transportation. Solar cars are lightweight and easy to maintain; however, they also are slow in acceleration, costly to produce, and may get extremely hot.

This video addresses the earliest solar car prototypes and working models (the General Motors Sunmobile or the Quiet Achiever). It also speaks about the modern-day promising solutions (the Eclectic, Sono Sion, and Lightyear One). It addresses the issue of solar photovoltaic cells and arrays.


This video is a popular science author-narrated story about solar energy and its lively charm. The video is full of curious insights, interesting facts, science trivia, and sunny bunnies (joke).

Also, I ask for your forgiveness and understanding each time I mispronounce names, terms, and other tricky words.

This video is one of many from my "Introduction to Academic Driving" book. Consider having a look:


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