- DUEM become a founding member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions


1y ago


The world of motorsport is in constant evolution. The boundaries of speed, efficiency and agility are constantly being pushed, as evidenced by the thriving community we see contributing daily here at DRIVETRIBE. Undeniably, however, sustainability is becoming a key focus in the industry. The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions has the potential to support solar cars, and help solar power become a genuine global transport solution.

DUSC - The solar car built by DUEM

So, fancy name, but what exactly is it? The World Alliance is a global community founded by Bertrand Picard and Solar Impulse - the guys who flew around the world in a plane which was powered only by the Sun. It's fair to say they probably know a thing or two about sustainability. The World Alliance gathers the major players who are creating, supporting or promoting projects that have the potential to safeguard our planet. Crucially, however, all of these solutions are profitable in their own right. As Picard says himself, they would make sense even without climate change. Perhaps that will keep some of the less 'environmentally-enclined' motorsport community interested (*cough* Clarkson) .

And what have solar cars got to do with all this? Well, with the potential to race 3000km across Australia using only the Sun's power, they're quite literally driving renewable motorsport forward. At DUEM, we're proud to have more than 50 undergraduate and postgraduate students involved in the team, with specialities in vehicle dynamics, electronics, aerodynamics, all working to design the most efficient car possible. The team is entirely funded by external sponsorship, with a dedicated Business, PR & Marketing team working hard to ensure we attract the funding necessary to take the cars from our imagination to the road. We're combining innovation and financial nous, embracing the World Alliance's key values.

The World Alliance has links with some huge organisations from across the globe, who are all dedicated to supporting the projects. By bringing together creative minds and potential investors, the team at Solar Impulse are giving us the opportunity to develop ever more ambitious solutions. It's a pretty incredible idea.

Find out more about the World Alliance and take a look at some of the other solutions here. As ever, make sure you're following DUEM across all our channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and our website.

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