Solid Gold Ford GT Model sells for $75,000

Is this taking the biscuit?

2y ago

This gold 1:25 scale 2006 Ford GT model has just sold for $75,000 which is over double what it was predicted to sell for.

Sotheby’s online predicted it would well for $30-40k but ended up selling far more than that.

The car is made up of many custom 18-karat gold pieces. It also features an interior, engine bay and front compartment. You can open the doors to have a look at the golden cabin which has a steering wheel, pedals and dashboard, all in gold.

The gold wheels have rubber tyres and you can easily see the engine through the engine bay. The model even has exhaust pipes, rear diffuser and license plate which reads “FORD 1”.

The model is only 7 inches long and weighs 3.25 pounds. But don’t think that’s all you get, the car comes in a hideous mirrored base plastic case.

Despite the model costing so much, it isn’t perfect. There are scratches along the body where the doors operate. But this still meant it was worth that much money…

Would you really spend $75k on a model?

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Comments (6)

  • To answer your question, not me! I think it would make a great game piece in a giant Monopoly game though

      2 years ago
  • I guess you could melt it down.

      2 years ago
  • Yes, take it all

      2 years ago
  • Why? Just.....why?

      2 years ago
  • Does “taking the biscuit” mean what I think it does? In the states that is not a nice thing.

      2 years ago