Solving Modern Cars' Biggest Problem

1w ago


Nothing dates a used car more than the image quality of its infotainment screen. With the rapid pace at which screen technology advances, a car from only 3 years ago can sport a screen that may be downright embarrassing. Don't worry, I have a solution!

What if manufacturers sold cars with detachable and therefore upgradeable infotainment units? Much like a cell phone you can opt to upgrade or simply live with an aging device. Those of us who prefer to live on the cutting edge have the option while others can stay put.

See that image above, that's the infotainment screen in all modern Mazdas, everything from the sporty Miata to the massive CX-9 SUV uses the same screen layout. Mazda and many other automakers think it's fine to simply glue on a screen to the top of the dash and call a job well done. That infotainment system could be engineered to simply detach and make way for the latest model.

Let's say you buy a used CLA and you want the screen quality from the recently released car. If Mercedes was smart and wanted to make some money off used car shoppers they would've engineered an upgraded system. Simply detach the old screen the plop in the new one.

The scariest part about modern cars lies with the screen's control. If a screen were to break you simply cannot use most of your car's features. Even worse, current cars do not even allow you to easily remove their screens resulting in an expensive dealer trip. If upgradability was engineered in you could take care of that at home instead of at the mercy of a dealership.

Would you upgrade your car's infotainment to the latest tech?