Some beginner tips for FRLegends from a pro(ish) FRL driver

If you just started playing FRL or are considering installing it, this article should help you quite a bit!

14w ago

Ok so FRLegends is a free mobile drifting game which in my opinion is the best for the platform because, although it doesn't have the same quality and content as the likes of CarX Drift Racing, it takes up much less storage space and still offers great gameplay and physics.

Now for some tips on how to get better at the game:

When you first load the game you are given a stock Nissan Silvia S13, this is what you'll be using.

Some people like to earn money by doing gymkhana, I personally prefer doing battles as I think they are easier and make you better at chase driving, they also get you used to the different track layouts.

Tilt steering is the way to go as it allows for the best control of the car.

I'd suggest doing battles on Drift Park Route C or D until you get to 20,000 (using Valino Greeva tires) as with that money you can buy the "J" engine, this will allow you to get more power than any other engine and you can put it in every car except the RX7. Although it may be tempting to buy aesthetic mods, try not to until you have more money.

Once you reach 300HP you can change to pro difficulty battles. Remember to watch the adds everyday to earn free coins and money. Once you earn more money you can start buying more cars and tracks (I'd suggest buying the BRZ/GT86 as it is the best handling and School Course as it is the shortest and earns you good money).

After all this you should be good enough at the game to cope on your own!

Thanks for reading! I hope this helped you!

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Comments (8)

  • have u ever tried Drift max pro it's pretty cool

      3 months ago
    • Yes it's good but, and it's a big BUT, you can't modify your cars fitment. So if I remember correctly when you added a widebody kit, or even in cars that came stock like that your wheels would be 100 miles inside the arches

        3 months ago
    • true true buts the gameplay and graphics are impressive.

        3 months ago
  • Thanks for the tips, they should help.

      3 months ago
    • No problem! I kinda made this article for you and for a friend of mine

        3 months ago
    • Thanks, my phone's battery has broken so I might not be able to play for a bit, but next time I can I will try out some of those tips

        3 months ago