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Some Cool JDM Cars For Sale

The JDM market seems to be pretty hot around me with some cool original RHD options

2w ago

Car enthusiasts love for JDM cars is definitely nothing new, but I've started to notice it a bit more in the Houston market. After a few shows of seeing a ton of cool custom builds and shipped from Japan RHDs, I looked around for some options on the market. Here are a few of my favorite jdm cars up for grabs right now!

One of the most original JDM I found was this custom spec Skyline GTR still in original seat layout. The gray is perfect (although I prefer the blue), and the nismo spec add-ons at the front and rear give it the more aggressive styling for the 98 model. The owner is asking low $90's for this guy.

This Orange on orange GTR is a more modern version with the americanized seating layout but still a major homage to early Japanese racers. With a few engine mods, improved exhaust and nice use of carbon fiber on the bottom, this is a solid modern JDM option coming in at $92k as well. Hmmm a 2017 GTR or a 1998 GTR? That is the question!

I would be remiss if i didn't add in this Acura NSX example.

This red Acura NSX-T is an example of the classic Acura exotic line. Newly replaced with the updated NSX version, these first generation options are still highly coveted collectors. The one unfortunate aspect of this listing is the relatively low quality photos. While they make it difficult to truly inspect and view the vehicle, they can't detract from the uniqueness of this NSX model.

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