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And by giving I mean cut prices and good old fashioned capitalism. Anyhow. Black Friday is I presume an American invention to market things and stuff off cheaply before the holiday season. Over here in Finland this has been a thing for only a couple of years. Now though, some car dealers have leaped on this big selling opportunity.

Because this is a completely new thing here (to my recollection) I thought I'd write about it. Or more accurately, report about it.

The Black Friday prices on some of the cars are in my view quite respectable. On one Honda CR-V the price has dropped from around 44 thousand € to 33 thousand. That's a quarter off from the price of a completely new car. Boring Hondas are not the only cars on sale, there are boring Peugeots and Fords as well.

This sale lacks the most interesting cars i.e. the most fun and powerful ones. But if you fancy a Mercedes CLA 200 Shooting Brake with AMG trim it can be yours for ten grand off. That means tomorrow the CLA is actually worth buying. The new Audi A5 is on sale too as is the new BMW 5-series.

I was under the impression that Black Friday was the perfect marketing innovation for companies and stores to hustle money away from consumers who are buying a soon to be outdated product because next to it there's a billboard stating -70% OFF!. But now that car dealers offer new cars and even used cars for a cheaper price I ask, "Where's my CLA?".

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