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Some hilariously awful 'poems' I have made up in the past

I just discovered I still had the webpages on which I posted these awful 'poems' still bookmarked, and they were too funny not to share!

I have done some dumb things in the past, as I suspect all of us have (since we are all human), but being the Poest on a car website I'm not going to mention here is probably one of the stupidest things I have ever done.

I came up with the idea one morning as I was very tired and my brain was still waking up. I thought it would be funny to post some really, really awful, un-rhyming 'poems' on one of my favorite (at the time) car websites. (I was wrong, in case you didn't know). So I named myself 'The Poest' ('Poet' and 'Pest' mixed together in one word), and got to work. Here are some of the results. Enjoy! (haha).

Lexus makes good cars

It’s unfortunate, but

Did you ever notice that

‘Funky’ rhymes with ‘Junky’?

(It takes a poest to notice these things)

-The Poest

Here is another (one of the worst ones, admittedly):

The early ‘Cuda appeals to the eye

But the Corvair is more better.

However if to chose had I

The ‘Cuda would be the getter.

-The Poest, ungrammered

This next one is actually tolerably good.

If you thought it was bad back then

Just look at the way we’re in now!

One or two or three reports

And thousands of cars are recowed.

I mean recalled.

(Do poems really have to rhyme?)

-The Poest

Yes, I actually wrote that in the comments section on a website. Yes, I was tired. Yes, it didn't really make sense. The next one's better, I don't promise.

Some stories are just too funny

And this is one of them.

I would have just said ‘+1’,

But I can’t since I am him…*


-The Poest

*(Because obviously that wouldn’t be considered a poem in anyone’s book).

That one was posted early, early in the morning. Bear with me. Please.

TVR will be ressurected

Their new model is the Griffith

However if I am correct(ed)

the factory won’t be in Britain.

(very bad rhyme, that).

-The Poest

Yeah, that was a very bad rhyme.

Another YouTube video

With awful background music-o

It hurts the eardrums, headaches come

And then your ears begin to hum

This awful background music-o

Please delete this video!


That is one of my pet peeves, if you must know. Awful background music-o.

Well that's all. I could post more, but I don't want to kill anyone, and anyway, these were the best ones(!). Thanks for reading, have a nice day, and please don't have nightmares because of bad rhyming!

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