- A​n old Jaguar being hidden behind three men with beards.

S​ome important things Richard Hammond has to keep in mind for his new workshop

S​ince there totally weren't enough posts about Hammond's workshop over the last weeks here's another one

S​earching for the right co-presenters

S​ome of you might not have known, but Richard Hammond is not a tall man. In his new TV series however he'll have to look heroic so people trust him to fix cars. This is why it is very important that the co-presenters aren't much taller than Hammond, and I'd say the crew succeeded at this. Coincidentally the people they chose seem to be quite good mechanics too which might come in handy.

S​earching for the right cars

N​ow, there has been an enormous amount of suggestions for cars Hammond should restore recently, but I haven't seen one that suggested the most important car to be rescued. In the Top Gear episode where the presenters tried to grow their own gasoline, the Renault Espace convertible they had made earlier somehow got hit by a mobile studio and seemed to have suffered quite badly from that. You might think that the car isn't worth being restored because it never really worked in the first place and even set a car wash on fire. However, it is a four door convertible, so if Hammond and his new repair gang restore it in a proper way you'll be able to ride around in lots of style and will have enough space to take all the other stylish people of your town with you.

Choo​sing the right location

T​his is always important for any show. If you want to film elephants and lions, it's not a good idea to film your TV show in the center of London or Munich, unless you don't mind a weird man with a red nose and colorful hair running through the picture all the time. The same is the case for filming interesting classics, you will probably not find those on top of Mount Blanc or at the bottom of the Red Sea. A better place to film the show then would be a field, because from time to time mainly older men come their with their old cars. If Hammond makes himself very small which shouldn't be hard, he can secretly sneak towards one of those and maybe 'lend' it for his show.

F​inding the right parts

M​any people who restore or modify classics can get to the point of having a classic to work on fairly easily, but mess up when it comes to the new parts they'll give the car. Especially the wheels seem to be a problem zone here, you won't have to search long before finding a classic car in perfect condition that's ruined by having ugly rims. This might seem like a little detail, but it's actually a very important styling item and if it doesn't look good everybody will be unhappy, as the shocking depiction underneath demonstrates. In contrast to that, there's the same scene but with beautiful stock rims fitted to the classic car which is proven to result in a much happier atmosphere.

I​f you are Richard Hammond or belong to the crew that films the new show, you're welcome for these helpful tips, if you're not then sorry for literally wasting your time. But remember: Stock wheels are the source of joy and success.

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  • You have wasted no one's time, Dr. Professor Höhlich. You have enlightened people. Not me, as I of course was aware of all those things you've mentioned. But other people, who didn't know, can now sleep without worry because of your post. You have once again contributed well to society. Before, it was all anarchy.

      1 month ago
  • So....

    You're saying

    That the average Dutch looks heroic

      1 month ago
    • No

      What I'm saying is the average Aaron doesn't look heroic

        1 month ago
    • You're saying he needs a tall person to look heroic

      The average Dutch person is tall

      So we look heroic...

        1 month ago
  • Dry inland Australia is a good place to restore cars .

      1 month ago
  • I’m sure between Richards many years worth of experience in television/entertainment, as well as the business partner/manager we all know he’s got will be more than enough to cover all of this lol

      1 month ago
  • This has to be the shortest, yet an article I can agree with it.

      1 month ago