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Some irresponsible idiot hurt a McLaren and fixing it costs a bomb

Yeah! stuff like this happens...

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Well I do call people who hurt their cars idiots and at times something worse. This time it is a McLaren 720S and some idiot hurt it. The worst part it was a rental. The incident took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. Unfortunately, the rental company - Royalty Exotic Cars showed us a video of what happened to it. It seems like Vegas's rule does not apply to cars and is possibly modified to "What happens to a car in Vegas, the world has to know about it".

...This happened while parking...

Back to the car....The damage is on the passenger side of the car (this is a LHD so the right side of the car). The front fender and bumper, door, rear fender and bumper was damaged and the mirror was knocked off. This happened when the car sideswiped a lifted truck. Now you might be wondering at what speed was this idiot driving to cause this, well actually this idiot was parking. Yes, you read that correctly - "PARKING".

The rental company got a monetary assessment of the parts that would be replaced on the car - over 69,000 dollars without the price of labour or painting new panels. Plus, there is the downtime of the car while it is being repaired could be about 3 months i.e. 3 months worth of rental revenue can now be deducted. However, the insurance company should cover the expenses of fixing the car.

...under the influence of Alcohol...

Something you should know about this idiot. At the time of this incident the idiot was under the influence of alcohol. In that same night also was taken into custody by the security of a Las Vegas hotel for being Drunk and Disorderly. The owner of the lifted truck reported the incident as a hit and run so there could be a possibility of charges or a lawsuit.

The lesson of the story here is - if you are going to take a supercar out for a spin and is it a rental, know this it is not your car, so don't drink and drive. If you take it to a party and you have had a good time take a cab home and come back for the car the next day. In this situation it led to a McLaren 720s getting hurt.

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