Some people are never happy

I don't want to sound petulant, but oh come on, break down dammit.......

Great. I set off, new tool kit looking splendid on the seat beside me and for the first time ever .... the old rattlebox gives me no excuse to get my spanners out. Not a hesitation or a cough dammit. I once had four breakdowns travelling the four miles to my nearest town.

The last time I took this old nail out it coughed and died twenty five miles from home and provided my daughter and I with hours of entertainment diagnosing the fault and then rectifying it using a key as a screwdriver to adjust the points and a business card to set the gap. No such luck today. Armed with everything I needed to carry out any roadside repair this side of regrinding the valves, the bloody thing plodded on like it didn't even know how to break down.

I'm going out to play in something more modern now. What's the betting that the brand new Beemer will conk this evening when I set out to collect my daughter from a party?

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