Somebody bought a PT Cruiser and modified it with a Chucky-themed livery

This is so horrid it’s almost beautiful

The Chrystler PT Cruiser isn’t the prettiest car in the world, even though some people appreciate its quirky body shape, but as you can see from the pictures here, somebody decided to make it even weirder.

The pictures were taken in a parking lot in the UK and shared on Reddit. The PT Cruiser is adorned with a Chucky-themed livery (the main character from the horror film ‘Child’s Play’), including crime scene tape, Chucky’s face and hands on the car’s front grille and rainbow wheels.

I don’t mind the PT Cruiser, I think it’s ugly but interesting - and that’s better than boring - and I kinda like the wheels on this one but as for everything else... I’m not sure.

Would you drive this?

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