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Somebody Crashed Into My Car

4w ago


I was eating a pizza when it happened. The jolly Saturday evening atmosphere shattered by an unmissable loud bang followed by the heart-wrenching sound of my car alarm going off.

“That didn’t sound good.” My friend remarked as we abandoned our plates and headed towards the front door.

“That’ll be the Clio dead.” I half-jokingly reply.

And sure enough, as we emerged onto the street, a deflated looking white Vauxhall Zafira was stuck in the middle of the road with its hazards on, but what of my beloved car?

This it what it should look like © - Blee Carswell

As I hush the alarm with a click of the key fob, it did not look too bad. No bodywork seemed to be hanging off, but wait a minute, that wheel does not look right, in fact that is completely knackered.

With the initial “that’s not gonna buff out” synopsis complete it was time to see what state the unloved people carrier was in.

Walking towards it I notice the marks on the road. Something broken had clearly turned itself into a brake after the impact. As I got closer to the Zafira, I saw the state of the front passenger side wheel. Destroyed seems the most accurate way to describe it.

Watch the video below for footage of the aftermath © Blee Carswell

“I’m not really sure what to do in this situation.” I mutter to who I assume is the driver.

“Neither do I.” He responds while surveying the damage. In truth I was not really listening, my brain awash with Clio and insurance stress.

As it hit home just how much force must have been involved, I wander back to what was my lovely Renault Sport 182 to take a better look at the damage.

Now noticing that my car had been moved both forwards and sideways into the kerb, I assume that something underneath is pretty bent. As it would transpire “it’s gonna be a write off” was correct.

Ther kerb marks on the top two spokes show just how far it was moved © Blee Carswell

I had no time to mourn. Perhaps 10 seconds after my brief exchange, the driver and the passenger had legged it. Joy.

Thankfully understanding of my stress, my friend was on the phone to the police who turned up and dealt with the situation sympathetically and quickly.

It is also worth saying that my insurance company dealt with the situation in similar fashion. Thankfully, with the other part accepting full liability, my premium has not been affected.

The poor thing © Blee Carswell

In the days before my car was recovered, we had chance to try and figure out exactly what happened.

Judging by the apparent lack of body damage, it appears to be a rather freak accident. A mark on the corner of the Zafira bumper makes it look like they clipped the back of my car. I can then only assume in order to avoid completely taking my car out, the driver yanked on the steering which caused their wheel to get caught in mine.

Whatever, it has happened and unfortunately the Clio is no more. Am I bitter because they hit the only interesting car on the street? Yes. Am I bitter because the Clio had a fortune spent on it? Also yes.

It is worth remembering that it could have been much worse. Also, as a petrol head it now gives me the opportunity to switch it up and get a completely different car. I will be nervous when I next eat pizza, though.

Watch my video talking about the crash below. Skip to 53 seconds for the crash!

Have you ever lost a car because somebody crashed into it? Let me know below!