Somebody just bought a Lamborghini Huracán with bitcoin

It's happened again

5w ago

A little over ten years ago, somebody famously bought two pizzas with 10,000 bitcoin, worth around 590 million dollars at today's rate, and this guy - and by the way he never even tried to remain anonymous - says he doesn't regret it. I suspect that might be because, critically, he had a lot more than just 10,000 BTC at the time, held on to it, and has just been playing dumb since. I want to make it plain, I do not know this for a fact, this is just my opinion.

The reason I'm talking about this is people have been buying physical products - including cars of course - with bitcoin since day one but what they get versus how much they paid for it will continue to vary dramatically as bitcoin price continues to climb. In 2013, somebody bought a Tesla for around 91 bitcoin, that's $5.2m today. Just a few months ago, somebody else bought a second-hand Ferrari that cost them 2 BTC, $91k at the time but worth around $114k today. The trend is almost certainly not gonna change any time soon.

A Bangkok resident recently purchased a brand new 2021 Lamborghini Huracán EVO from Renazzo Motors, a retailer that accepts bitcoin, USD Tether and Zipmex Token, and I think we're gonna read more stories like this in the future. I find this fascinating, and I understand some people might find it both hilarious or frustrating depending on their circumstances and/or whether they hold or have held crypto in the past, because the truth is kinda brutal: bitcoin started at $0,01, which means that are people in the world who are potentially now able to buy a $200,000 car that actually cost them a dollar, or 10 dollars, or 100 dollars, etc - depending on when they first got into cryptocurrency.

Ten years from now, 1 bitcoin might be worth a million dollars or zero. I don't think it's ever going to go to zero and I don't think it'll get to 1 million in just ten years but everything is theoretically possible. Tesla, as per usual, opened the floodgate by becoming the first car company to purchase, hold and accept bitcoin and I wonder who's next. Sorry, I've just realized I may have gone off-topic.

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  • Is it possible to convert all my tribecoin to dollars so that I can buy a corrola?

      1 month ago
  • That was

      1 month ago
  • not by any chance the guy who got paid and encrypted his coins has found his password? 😂I've recently read about a guy who was paid in bitcoins at the very start of the currency, encrypted them in a super secure backup hard drive and now when they are worth something, he can't remember the password. 10 000 coins are there, he made 7 wrong attempts and if he makes 10, the drive will destroy his coins 😂😂

      1 month ago
  • I feel bad for the person who bought that pizza though

      1 month ago
  • I’m too old and too broke to care

      1 month ago