Someone buy this 12k mile, supercharged Jeep Wrangler so I don't have to

This 2003 special edition Wrangler Rubicon will go for big money...

1y ago

My very first car was a 1993 Jeep Wrangler YJ, which shared the legendary 4.0L inline-6 that this powers this 2013 TJ. Some quick math will tell you that twenty years passed in between my Jeep and this one for currently being auctioned on Bring a Trailer, which is an incredible lifespan for any engine in the automotive world.

The venerable 4.0L left a lot to be desired though in the horsepower department, so the previous owner of this silver Rubicon slapped on an aftermarket Avenger supercharger, because a Hemi swap is just too mainstream.

TJ Wranglers are becoming more and more sought after, with many Jeep faithful regarding them as the last "real Jeeps" before the Wrangler was "ruined" by a 3.8L minivan V6 engine and two more doors in the ironically named JK generation of Wranglers. It's extremely difficult to find a decent TJ with reasonable miles for sale with a four-digit price tag. This supercharged 2003 Wrangler has only 12,000 miles and is sitting on a $16k bid with just under 8 hours to go.

You can add "Tomb Raider Edition" to the long list of Wrangler special editions you never knew existed. Apparently a little over a thousand 2003 Wrangler Rubicons came with this package which included the aluminum wheels, fender flares, diamond plate accents, and red seat belts you see here. There was also a lightbar that the Tomb Raider edition wore over the iconic folding windshield, but was removed and disposed of for whatever reason by the previous owner. The stitched seats and side badges have also been removed, so the only indicator that this is one of the Tomb Raider editions is the numbered plaque on the dash just above the change holder.

The rest of the Jeep has been, dare I say, tastefully modified with a lift kit, bumpers, beefy 35" tires, the aforementioned supercharger, a roomier hood, new seats, winch, and a Magnaflow exhaust. Customized Jeeps are always a roll of the dice in regards to both looks and safety, as the Bring a Trailer commenters were quick to point out that this Jeep no longer has its third brake light and 35" tires usually mean its time to upgrade some internals.

This Wrangler is also super clean up top and inside, but the auction photos show a lot of light corrosion underneath. The auction ends today at just a few ticks before 6pm EST, so you better double check your stocking for any extra money Santa may have left behind!

How much do you think this supercharged Jeep will sell for?

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  • Sold

      1 year ago
  • Years ago I worked for an auto parts store. One of our delivery vehicles was a Jeep Comanche with that 4.0L straight six, and it had a little over 280k miles on it. The truck was rusted out several places but that engine still ran like a top. I chose that over the brand new S10 every time I had to make a delivery!

      1 year ago
    • That’s awesome! I used to deliver auto parts back in the day too, but i got stuck with the 280k mile Econoline lol

        1 year ago
    • Oh yeah, we had one of those old beater vans, too!

        1 year ago
  • My son needs this. ✨

      1 year ago
  • Someone got a great deal, 17G and its ready to go.

      1 year ago