Someone Buy This 254-MPH Corvette Before I Do

It's on sale on Bring A Trailer and bidding has already exceeded $425,000.

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Today, a very special Corvette has gone up for auction on Bring a Trailer: the 1988 Project Sledgehammer Callaway Corvette. Any Corvette fanatic could tell you about Callaway and their insane modified Corvettes, and Project Sledgehammer was a high water mark of sorts.



Back in 1988, the Callaway team set out on Project Sledgehammer with the goal of pushing the C4 Corvette platform to its absolute limit in order to create the most uncompromised roadgoing Vette ever, and they largely succeeded. In 1989, it recorded a top-speed run of 254.76 mph, which stood as a road car speed record past the turn of the century.



Getting into the specs reveals an all-new 5.7-liter twin-turbo V-8, which produces 880 horsepower and 772 pound-feet of torque, which is a tremendous amount even today. All of this power is backed by a ZF six-speed manual transmission going through the rear wheels.



It has been largely dormant for its existence (with the proof being in the odometer, which reads around 2000 miles), and chances are once this relic has been snatched up it'll spend the rest of its life in a museum or private garage, seldom started up in anger. In a world rapidly proliferating with electric vehicles, it's important we don't forget the past.

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  • I did an article on this car a while back, it was extremely advanced for its time and a truly amazing car

      30 days ago
  • Fun car! That won't be cheap though!

      29 days ago