Someone Buy This Motorhome So I Don't Have To

Perfection thy name is this 1973 GMC Motorhome

4y ago

I can not accurately describe how much I want this GMC Motorhome. I have zero need for it. I barely travel, yet I must own this. Some glorious genius has painted Mr. T riding a Unicorn on top of a rainbow with the words, "Follow your dreams, Fool!!!" That is reason enough to buy this and park it in your driveway even if you don't ever go anywhere in it.

This not so little slice of perfection has been recently updated with a brand new 455 cubic inch motor, new steering pump and hoses, axles and the lot. The interior has been updated but still keeps that 70's charm. Wood paneling and polyester adorns this masterpiece. It may look old, but that was by design, pretty much everything has been replaced or updated and the total package is glorious.

The best part of this entire vehicle, it is for sale. Head over to RVTrader for the full listing because this slice of awesome is for sale. The asking price? $19,000! $19,000 to get the motorhome dreams are made of!

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  • I am on the verge of being homeless. For my career choice I need to be mobile. I am currently out of wor, in however, could possibly pull up a cash offer of 15k.

      4 years ago