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      Someone has already crashed a Toyota GR Yaris

      The accident occurred on a test drive just two days after test drives commenced.

      2w ago


      The release of the GR Yaris has been a highlight of 2020 for many Toyota fans, with potential customers lining up for test drives all around the world. Some eager fans in Australia had their wishes fulfilled after test drives opened last week, after a handful of customers were given the opportunity to take one for a 45 minute spin - in some cases, without a Toyota representative present.

      Credit: CarExpert

      Credit: CarExpert

      One such potential customer went about things a bit too aggressively whilst taking this brand new red GR Yaris out for a spin through the streets of Sydney, Australia.

      The driver must have taken a corner too fast, resulting in understeer which plowed the car into the side of the kerb, destroying the front left side and damaging vital components like the control arms, axle, wheel, skirts and likely the subframe.

      After the incident, a spokesperson for Toyota Australia told customers that any future test drives must have an employee from the dealer present.

      Credit: CarExpert

      Credit: CarExpert

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      Comments (16)

      • Is it really that hard to just drive and not hit things??? Especially when it is not even your vehicle!

          17 days ago
      • 🤦‍♂️

          17 days ago
      • Wouldn’t you be embarrassed to tell the dealer you’d crashed their car?

        Sounds like an idiot with more bravado than skill and precisely the sort of person that shouldn’t own such car.

          17 days ago
      • yeet

          17 days ago
      • After that happened, did he go "Grrrr"

          17 days ago


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