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Someone has already flipped their Aston Martin Vanquish S "Red Arrows"

1y ago


Recently Q by Aston Martin and and the Royal Air Force collaborated to create 10 Aston Martin Vanquish S "Red Arrows" showcasing UK engineering, precision and innovation and to help raise funds for a service charity.

Image: http://www.tomhartley.com/used/2017/aston-martin/vanquish-s/2017-aston-martin-vanquish-s-swadlincote-for-sale-amredI

9 models were given to the new owners at a private event whilst the last model Red 10 was given to the RAF Benevolent Fun who raffled it out for charity at £20 per raffle ticket.

Image: http://www.tomhartley.com/used/2017/aston-martin/vanquish-s/2017-aston-martin-vanquish-s-swadlincote-for-sale-amred

And now it appears soon after, someone has already flipped their car as Red 7 has appeared for sale at at £339,950. We know Aston Martin are against flipping looking at the previous Valkyrie flip attempts so I wonder how this happened. Did a customer purchase on behalf of the dealership, was the dealership actually one of the people who got the chance to purchase the car directly or is this just straight up a quick flip (which I personally am not against nor anything against dealership). It's just always interesting to see how quick someone managers to flip a car, and on that what's the quickest car flip you've seen?