Someone has squeezed a Supra engine into this Mercedes

1w ago


I see so many modified cars on a daily basis when I'm scrolling through the internet but this one is something rather special.

This Mercedes 450 SLC has been fitted with a 3.0L twin-turbo engine from a Mk4 Toyota Supra. Yep, that's right. This is the infamous 2JZ engine, well known for its tuning capabilities.

This build is located in Japan which makes sense when you find out just how JDM it has become. Along with the new engine, this Mercedes has a single turbo, Motec ECU and a four-speed Toyota gearbox. All of this sends 450hp straight to the rear wheels. This is a massive upgrade from the 450 SLC's original 222hp.

You may also notice that this looks lower and a little wider and that's because it is. The Mercedes has been fitted with Bilstein dampers to give it that better and more aggressive looking stance. To complete the look, it has also been fitted with 17 inch 5-spoke wheels which are meant to replicate those found on classic AMG's.

Not to mention the bright blue leather interior!

Is this build sacrilege or beauty?

Source: Top Gear

Photography: Mark Riccioni