Someone is auctioning off a Dodge Demon crate without the car

Where's the car?

1y ago

When the Dodge Demon came out we all learned that it was fast. Really fast. So fast in fact that it was the first ever production car to do a standing wheelie off the line. With 840 hp on tap the Demon was, and is, a straight line savage. But there was one thing you had to do to get the Demon to behave at its most demonic at the drag strip... You must open the Demon Crate.

Hilariously parodied on The Grand Tour because of just how much you have to do to have a full crate swap done before you drag, the Demon Crate allows you to have a full scale assault on anyone brave enough to challenge you at the strip. Or so the marketing would tell you.

In your crate you would receive: a hydraulic floor jack with carrying bag, cordless impact wrench with charger, torque wrench, tire-pressure gauge, fender cover, tool bag, performance powertrain control module with high-octane engine calibration (commonly known as the PMC), replacement switch module containing high-octane button, conical performance air filter, passenger mirror block-off plate, and finally front drag wheels. WHEW! What a list. And all for $1 from factory.

Well if you've ever dreamed of owning one, you can by heading over to Bring a Trailer because someone is auctioning a Demon Crate right now. Catch is, there's no Demon to go along with it. Which is supremely odd.

Currently the auction is up to $3450 at the time of this writing and I'd imagine it will go up with 3 full days left on the auction.

But this auction is hugely puzzling. Why sell only the crate? Why not the Demon too? Why get rid of one of the pieces that makes the Demon so ridiculous? Commenters on the auction have had the same queries, but both the listing and some clarifying info help to explain it:

"The crate was originally a $1 option designed to maximize drag-strip performance of the limited-production Demon. The selling dealer acquired the crate in 2018 with a Demon car that was sold separately later that year."

And according to the comments, the original Demon was a car auctioned off by Barret-Jackson. So this is just likely an inventory offload.

So if you own a Demon and missed out on a Crate but always wanted one, here's your chance to buy it.

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Comments (4)

  • It would be a neat place to store shop tools, but only if it was like $50

      1 year ago
  • Wow to be honest that is just dumb because that crate and everything in I was built only for the Demon! Not any other car! If this was just a random crate with superior parts to drag racing anything, than hell yeah that would be worth it! But no... It is to a demon and demon only, so unless you own an over 80,000 dollar, 840hp, Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, don't buy it, because it will not help your 1970 Chevy Chevelle in its drag racing competition.

      1 year ago
    • Umm, a hydraulic floor jack can be used on any other vehicle. Most of the other tools you could use on other cars too. It you are right about the computer programming update. That’s Demon specific.

        1 year ago
    • Well, the demon purchased with this isn't 840 hp without this, soooo...

        1 year ago