Someone Is Flipping Their Mercedes Project One Reservation For $5.2 Million

Over double the sticker price, and you still gotta wait for the car

3y ago

Car flipping has always been a lucrative biz, and has only become moreso after car companies started releasing more and more limited models and editions like the 911R (now worth well over half a million bucks used) and the new Ford GT (Ford screened potential buyers just to make sure they wouldn't flip the car right away).

With the release of the Mercedes-AMG Project One, a literal F1 car that you can use to take your very lucky child to school, came another very limited run of 275 cars. One impatient buyer put their reservation up for sale on for a massive $5.22 million. This is more than twice the sticker price. It is, in my own informed opinion, very expensive.

If I had an AMG Project One on its way to my driveway, I sure wouldn't be selling it. For starters, there's the ridiculous engine: a tiny 1.6L turbocharged V6 that revs to 11,000 rpm and needs to be rebuilt every 31,000 miles. It makes just over 1,000 hp in combination with several electric motors. And, according to the listing, comes with "2.3 doors." Apparently "frunk" doesn't translate terribly well into German.


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Comments (3)

  • Actually a fake post on and now deleted.

    Perhaps a thread complaining about dickwads that advertise cars they don't own would be in order now?

    Could include utter BS too. For example people whose tuned BMW 330 diesels can do 200 mph.

      3 years ago
  • Was anyway a fake advertise, but when you see what people pay for a LaFerrari which is not half that high tech, than it fits in relation. Better than spending the money in a Koenigsegg which looses sells for almost half the price later on ;-)

      3 years ago
  • So it's either this or having both a Huayra and a Chiron for that price....geee that's a tough one...

      3 years ago