Someone Is Selling A McLaren 720S On Craigslist For 25 Bitcoins

That's a lot more than it sounds like

2y ago


To buy a brand-new McLaren 720S off the lot, you'll need about $490,000. But if you're willing to go used, you can snag this one for about $40,000 off. There's only one catch: you'll have to pay in Bitcoin.

I'd try to explain Bitcoin to you, but even as someone who spends a good 82.5% of their day on a computer, I only vaguely know that it involves leaving your computer to solve equations by itself or something and this somehow results in virtual money being sent to your wallet. Not long ago, bitcoins were next to worthless (someone paid 10,000 BTC for two pizzas in 2010), but the value of a single bitcoin has since skyrocketed to nearly $18,000.

That means this McLaren, which costs nearly half a million bucks in regular money, only costs 25 BTC, which is still a dollar value of about $440,000. The kicker is that its original price was an insane 30 BTC, which is $40,000 over MSRP, and was only just dropped to what you see here. That's the price you pay for skipping the waitlist, I suppose.

The car itself is a reasonably well-optioned example in a rather unattractive but not deal-breaking orange, with extras like electric seats and a sports exhaust system, and according to the seller only has 750 original miles, which is virtually zero, even for a supercar.

So if you cashed in on the bitcoin revolution early, you should do two things: buy this McLaren, and then give me the name of the fortune teller who told you to save up your bitcoins. I'd like to give them a call while I can.


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