Someone Made An RC Version Of Jeremy Clarkson's Toybota!

And it undergoes the same tests, too.

2y ago


A man from Canada has produced a 1:10 scale model of Jeremy Clarkson's amphibious Toybota, which the trio used to attempt to travel across the Channel, and strangely, succeeded.


This model is also remote controlled, so obviously it had to be taken across a body of water to see if it reacted in the same way the real craft did. Surprisingly, it did. Almost identically!


Just like the real thing, the RC Toybota had buoyancy issues. It was given side-mounted pontoons to aid its flotation, but more problems became apparent once it set sail - so to speak.

The owner, Aaron Bidochka, realised that when full throttle was applied, the rear of the boat would sink, and therefore let water into the truck bed. Equally, if he didn't apply enough throttle then the front of the truck would plow into the water and start to push the whole thing under.

He explains how there's a 'sweet spot' with the throttle, and that if he doesn't adhere to this sweet spot, then the thing starts to capsize, just like the real version did on Top Gear.

The RC model does finally make it across the body of water they're testing it on, but under the power of its wheels and not the outboard motor that had taken on water and stopped working. But still, I can't that as success.

Now if only these were actually being sold because damn I want one!

What would you like to see an RC scale model of? Let me know in the comments below!



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Comments (3)

  • Will this one capsize 6ft from the jetty?

      2 years ago
  • shame these weren't officially released after the Clarkson Prototype

      2 years ago
  • But the Nissan is the one that made it across the channel.

      2 years ago