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Someone paid $136,000 for a twenty-seven-year-old Land Cruiser

As the great Jonny Lieberman recently said about Bring-a-Trailer, "It's probably time to rename the site: Add a Zero." Need more evidence?

MT Blake posted in USA News
5w ago

There are few things in the world more frustrating for automotive enthusiasts than the 'BaT Effect'. Does this have anything to do with flying mammals that may or may not (depending on your tin-foil hat) have destroyed 2020 for everyone? No. It has to do with Bring A Trailer and the effect their sales have on all collector car sales. After seeing this Land Cruiser - which is a bit of an anomaly due to its mileage - I don't need any more convincing: we're either in a simulation or a sitcom for aliens; it's still an inchoate hypothesis for me.

Now that you're properly remembering all the cars you used to be able to afford - now they're trendy, the Kardashians of the world found out you were right all along - let's talk about this 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser. It's green and automatic... Both of these things are typically the anti-car boner for me... except when they're not. Green is a terrible color on anything that isn't from a former island Empire in the North Atlantic. This Toyota is a perfect example of when it isn't terrible. It's simply the 90s: green was the bees-knees. The dark emerald green on this Land Cruiser looks flawless. The deep color hides its roots, up until the second glance.

If you slum around Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or other automotive sale sites, you've probably seen Land Cruiser ads with verbiage like this, "IT DOES NOT HAVE LOCKERS". The desirable Land Cruisers have lockers - front and rear. Anyone who knows their truck will know if it has lockers. Yet people still spam bomb Land Cruiser owners trying to sell their trucks with emails asking "DOES IT HAVE LOCKERS?!!" All the good ones were snatched up years ago. It's like seeing an ad for a project quality Mopar and thinking, "I wonder if it has a Hemi?!"

This Land Cruiser does have lockers - no need to ask! It also has a grey leather interior that is mint as the day it was born nearly 30 years ago. It's always epic to see cars like this survive. Imagine what those seats have seen! It saw the dot come bubble burst, it saw 9-11 and the twenty years of continuing war, it saw hanging chads, it saw a zoo gorilla killed; leading to the last five years of fails. Many of the people reading this now (yeah you!) aren't older than this Toyota. You weren't conceived yet - not even a twinkle in your mama's eye!

Yet with all that it's seen, it hasn't seen the road. A mere 1,005 miles are shown on the odometer. Might I add, when is the last time you've seen a gauge cluster this old that doesn't have dust inside the binnacle or maybe a few dead bugs?! That's an average of 37 miles per year?! I'd like to think the owner went on a thousand-mile road trip, hated everything about the truck (including the green paint), and decided to park it for twenty-seven years. Lord knows with New Hampshire registration, they needed the 4wd this truck offers... so what gives?!

With this truck owned by the selling third owner, it's time you snatch this truck before it gets too expensive. You'd be wrong to think the original sticker price around $40,000 (1994 dollars) would be expensive nearly three decades later. This truck just sold for $136,000. That. Is. Insane. Or as BaT commentor 'jonrapp' said, "you people are losing your god damn minds" Jonathan you couldn't be more right.

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  • Wow! The reason it's so expensive is that they are uncommon and better than the new Land Cruiser, it looks better, is more capable, and more reliable. This is a showroom example of what it would have been like brand new.

      1 month ago
  • It's trash with only 1005 on the odo at that age. Too bad. Nice rig. Not 140k nice. Low miles doesn't equal high price. High cost to repair and make drivable, maybe.

      1 month ago
  • I owned a very similar one of these with over 170K miles. Simply unstoppable and unbreakable. This was Toyota at its best. If I had that kind of disposable income, I'd probably be crazy enough to buy this one at that ridiculous price.

      1 month ago
    • Wow! I bet you wish you still had it🤣 but I completely agree these are beautiful in a simplistic way as well and are in my opinion the best luxury SUV ever made. As they are more capable and reliable than any range rover

        1 month ago
    • You are right. i do miss that thing every day. I love a simple rugged SUV. I traded for a newer 4Runner which is a better highway cruiser and overall family vacation rig. But that Cruiser was epic, waded through some snowstorms when few people...

      Read more
        1 month ago
  • i wouldn't even spend 50,000

      1 month ago
  • The little brother of this truck (Toyota 4Runner) prices are running wild, and have been for some time now. So it's not much surprise to see the Land Cruiser or Lexus versions fetch more. But some of these "radwood" era cars, I ponder, who's buying them at these prices and for what reason? If I'm going to view a auto collection, this really isn't something I want to see, unless it's in a Toyota museum.

      1 month ago
    • People needed somewhere to dump their crypto.

        1 month ago