Someone perfectly recreated the iconic Lancia Delta rally car in LEGO

Where can I buy one?

44w ago

The Lancia Delta is hard to come by nowadays, and if you want one - it'll set you back quite a hefty sum of money. Special HF Deltas are shooting through the roof in value, and ones in pristine condition are now ridiculously expensive.

A more affordable way to own a Lancia Delta would be to buy a diecast model, or alternatively build your own model out of LEGO.

This person has been busy over the last 15 months, designing and crafting their very own LEGO version of the Delta Integrale, fitted with movable bits and electric motors. The replication was repetitively assembled and disassembled, as the creator found new ways to improve the design, and the result is a fully functional Delta HF Integrale model made from LEGO.

Built using Technic and Creator bricks, this Delta set displays the iconic Martini rally livery up-front, and although it looks relatively simple, the maker sure went into detail with the car.

Powered by three electric motors, the kit boasts more than a standard LEGO kit would ever come with, including Ackermann geometric steering, advanced suspension, a working front differential working headlights and tail-lights, and even four-wheel drive - controlled by the gearstick found in the interior of the build.

In total, a sum of 2,584 LEGO pieces were used in the build, and it currently sits on the Lego Ideas website with 3,841 supporters and 468 days left at the time of writing. If you want to give this build a chance to come to life on store shelves, click the support button on the website!

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  • love this build.

    insert, invest meme

      10 months ago
  • ngl, I actually thought it was a real one from the first photo

      10 months ago
  • If Lego would commercialize and sell it at a fair price and not make it into a 'limited' with skyhigh prices. Fun for everyone! Please Lego, pleaaase!!!

      10 months ago
  • Bought myself the Lego Technic Porsche 911 RSR today. Was for the kids but might be for myself now, I’ll have to get other things for them.

      10 months ago
      • 10 months ago
  • It would be pretty cool if it does become a lego set, but licensing might be an issue

      10 months ago
    • No worries. Lego will build this. Will cost a fortune though

        10 months ago