- Credit: @RainPrisk

Someone Reimagined what Modern CLK GTR would Look like

13w ago


Even though the AMG One is the fastest Mercedes ever built, ask any petrolhead which Merc actually reigns supreme, and most likely you'll hear this: CLK GTR.

No hybridization will ever win as many fans as a roaring V12 homologated for Le Mans and later found in Zonda. If only they would bring that car back... Yeah, thanks CO2 restriction!

However, a modern CLK GTR can exist in imaginations of creative designers, one of which is Rain Prisk who blessed us with this excellent rendering.

Credit: @RainPrisk

I love everything about it. I love the air scoop behind the window, the shark fin, the tiny doors and the fact that it actually looks like other Mercs. And let's say that it also has the modern Pagani V12, just for fun. That car would be quite something!

But instead we get this ugly-ass, 1.6L fart machine.

Credits: Mercedes-AMG

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Written by: Styp P