Someone wants $29,000 for this rust that was once a Nissan Skyline.

I feel like I could get tetanus just by looking at it...

6d ago

They want at least $29,000. For this. I don't care that it was once a Hakosuka Nissan Skyline and only 113 were ever made. They had to put pipes in it to prevent the rusted body from collapsing in on itself, which it seems to be doing anyway! There's no engine, no transmission, no interior, and not a single body panel that isn't dented or rusted through! How would you even transport this thing without it disintegrating? The only pieces of this that might be salvageable are some of the windows, and those can't seriously be worth almost 30 grand, can they? This isn't simply a case of a car that isn't worth restoring, there's nothing left to restore!

Admit it, the tinworm has claimed another tragic victim here, you might as well just let it rust in peace. Even if someone was crazy enough to restore this worthless pile of iron oxide, you'd have to replace every single part of it. If you tried to make patch panels, you'd basically be left with a car that looks like a Skyline but is in fact a Frankensteined mess of custom bodywork and very thin scraps of metal that once belonged to a real Skyline.

Parts for these just aren't that common, and after the many years of restoration, you'd be left with an "Abe Lincoln's Axe" of a car that you'd be lucky to make your money back from selling. Just let the thing return to nature, can't you see it's been through enough?

As far as I can tell, this rust failed to sell. Good. Here's the auction, for anyone who wants to look:

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  • Someone has been smoking the bad crack.

      5 days ago
  • Maybe 29 cents. Must be a typo.

      6 days ago
    • Well, $29,000 is just the American equivalent of what they want for it. The starting bid was 3,000,000 yen. But yeah, for 29 cents I'd buy it. That glass and those taillights might be salvageable, and for 29 cents that's a steal!

        6 days ago
    • 😁

        6 days ago
  • I want to restore it though...

      5 days ago
  • "I know what I have and I will let it rot before I take a penny less."

      5 days ago
  • Are people crazy 🥴!

    Oh wait there are those attention seeking youtubers who could buy it.

      5 days ago