Someone's already turned the new Jimny into a G-Wagen & Defender

You can now make your Jimny look like the G-Class and Land Rover Defender

2y ago

Jimny the cutesy/boxy 4x4 from Suzuki is proving so popular that the demand has started to outstrip supply in certain regions. It's no surprise – the Jimny is a small rugged 4x4 that's affordable, capable and looks great. The boxy styling seems to draw inspiration from 4x4 legends like the Mercedes G-Class and Land Rover Defender, so much that people have begun calling it a 'mini G-class'.

DAMD, a Japanese body kit design and tuner company, decided to capitalise on that 'Little G-Wagen' notion growing around it. And designed two new body-kits for the Jimny, aptly named the 'Little-G' and 'Little-D'. These turn the Jimny into a miniature G-Class and Land Rover Defender respectively, while the Little-G name is quite cute they might want to re-think the 'Little-D name...

The Little-G

The Little-G pack completely overhauls the front fascia with a new bumper, grille, lights and a cheeky DAMD logo in a place where the Mercedes star should be. The fender flairs and the foot-step are more squared to like those of the G-Wagen, and a huge (compared to the stock one) exhaust hanging from the side. At the back much hasn't changed other than the spare wheel cover. The car looks a little hilarious on the huge G-Wage style wheels, but that's just me.

The Little-D

The Little-D changes are a little more subtle but just as substantial, with the new front bumper, grille and light enclosure design and a more bulging bonnet to mimic that of the Defenders. DAMD was quite cheeky here too copying the famous 'DEFENDER' bonnet lettering with their own reading 'Little-D'. The side fenders and step look about the same if not a little enlarged, at the rear the Jimny got a whole new bumper and huge mud-flaps. It's sitting on very Land Rover looking wheels with an oval badge in the centre caps.

The kits are mean to be available in 2019, so far pricing and what's actually included in the kits isn't announced yet, you can head to DAMDs page for the Little D and Little G.

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Comments (14)

  • -"So, what are you driving nowadays?"

    -"I have a Little-D."

    -"Ohhh...but what car do you drive?"


      2 years ago
  • the little D needs a new name, fam

      2 years ago
  • I dig the Defender body kit

      2 years ago
  • I like all three of them, but what's about a Little Land Cruiser? 😁

      2 years ago
  • I voted "Other" - I'd rather have genital warts than A Suzuki Jimny, bodykit or not.

      2 years ago