Someone's Replicated Ken Block's Gymkhana On A Budget - And It's Incredible!

1y ago


The first time I saw Ken Block do anything Gymkhana-ry was on Top Gear with James May sat bravely in the passenger's seat. Block wrestled his Subaru around a deserted airport in California - through hangars, underneath the wings of planes, and over dirt jumps. James May's face at all times looking, well, priceless!

Very few people can pull something like this off, and most of these people have massive budgets to work with. What I'm about to show you is someone who hasn't been able to work with a massive budget, but who's driving skills make up for it perfectly.

This is Cheapkhana. A parody of Ken's Gymkhana, but instead of a 1400bhp+ Hoonicorn, this guy is driving a Ford Fiesta with close to 60bhp. Although under the metal it's nothing special, it's been plastered with a sexy looking livery and blue painted wheels. It also has an elongated handbrake for pulling skids around their make-do track.

Etienne Guerra, the devil behind the wheel, is just that. He shows some serious skill as he pushes the Fiesta into corners and drifts it around obstacles with ease.

So if you have 4 minutes free today, make sure you watch this. It's a must-see!