Someone's turned the Nissan 400Z into a safari monster

Just tempts you to take up off-road racing, doesn't it?

42w ago

Nowadays, you’re either electrifying a vehicle or making it off-road capable. But not many attempted either on a prototype vehicle. Until now.

Graphic designer Rain Prisk took a shot at the recently released Nissan Proto Z, the concept derivative of the upcoming 400Z sports car and it looks a lot more off-road capable than most of the modern-day jacked-up crossovers. Why can’t digital renders magically come to life!

The sports car’s regular low ride hide has been significantly raised here to tackle unknown terrains. Additionally, the wide all-terrain tires and extended black flared wheel arches should oversee any terrain issues with ease. And if somehow these outdoor-specific components don’t come to aid, the red tow hooks up front should pull the car out of any situation.

If a vehicle specialises in something, I believe it should look the part as well. In the case of this Proto Z render, the designer, fortunately, had similar beliefs which is why he equipped the front end with some LED lights on the rectangle grille and a rugged looking skid plate to complete the look.

But with all that off-road prowess, there’s a fair chance one would want to sleep under the stars as well. Which is why this Proto Z render gets a roof-mounted tent as well. While it may usually be better-suited on proper 4x4s which are then called Safari cars, it appears ambitious and adventurous on this Nissan.

Obviously, this is just a render by an independent graphic designer which entails Nissan has no plans of putting such a thing on production. The Japanese carmaker probably isn’t aware of its existence as well. Which is why we have to wait for Nissan to launch the actual 400Z sports car first. And then some lunatic who would take up this project and go crazy with it. Probably equipping a roof-mounted light bar would complete the badass off-road racer look. And some decals on the sides. And an angry exhaust note. And I’ve opened the pandora’s box…..

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Comments (22)

  • He must be a fan of Top Gear! Remember this...

      9 months ago
  • Well, at least its not a bladdy Nissan Juke. 😎

      9 months ago
  • it's stupid in my opinion why destroy a beautiful car, but taste may vary.

      9 months ago
    • I think you may do anything you want with a car while it's still in production. The maker would appreciate the sale of a new unit haha

        9 months ago
    • Yeah, that's subjective

      But are you happy with the overall design of the concept?

        9 months ago
  • Not sure it’s very safe for an actual safari, but it looks brilliant! Though, it would be like driving around in a graduation hat...

      9 months ago
  • We get a rare new sports car and people are trying to turn it into an SUV already 🥱

      9 months ago