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Something cool came in the mail today! It's a Vostok Komandirskie, but not just any Vostok Komandirskie: this one has a 24h dial. What basically happens is, the minute hand and seconds hand have their normal speed, taking one hour and one minute respectively to finish their tour of the dial. The hour hand however moves at half its normal speed, so it takes 24 hours to complete a full turn.

Dials like these are used in the military, but more interestingly, were also used by astronauts: as there is no day or night in space, a 24 hour dial tells you in one blink of an eye whether it's day or night in the timezone you set the watch to. Nowadays though, with most things becoming electronic and digital, they don't seem to be as relevant as they were a few decades ago.

This watch comes with all the normal quirks and features of a Komandirskie: the screwdown crown that is loose on the stem and feels like you've broken it even though you haven't, the bidirectional bezel that is held in place by friction only, the acrylic crystal, the screwdown ring on the caseback, and lack of quickset date. (There is a trick around this however: use the crown to set the time to midnight so the date changes, forward to around 03.00, then reverse the hands past midnight, back to approximately 21.00, then forward it again part midnight so the date changes, and repeat the process until you have set it to the correct date.)

As a bonus when compared to a "normal" Komandirskie, this one comes with a few extras: 200m of water resistance, the movement is automatic, the lume seems better, and the bracelet is actually decent. Not the best in the world, but it has solid links and a butterfly clasp, plus it does not rattle nearly as much as the standard Vostok bracelets, nor does it feel to be a hair puller. It sits fairly comfortable around my wrist and it even has decent finishing, with the middle part of the solid links being high polished, and the outer parts having a matte, brushed finish.

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