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Something is bugging me

LED and Xenon Headlights

3y ago

So to preface this article the “Something is bugging me” is more of a rant at a single aspect of driving and not at the driver as such as opposed to my "you drive like a C*** series". So “Get on with it!!!”

A few rants ago I mentioned my distaste for people that leave their high beam lights on. Well now it’s the turn of the LED and Xenon light, a light whose brightness –even on its dipped function- rivals that of the blue dwarf star Alcor. This is no more prevalently seen then when I take a trip down the freeway at night. Granted my MINIs mirrors are placed at headlight height, but whenever a Xenon/LED equipped car drives past I feel like I'm front and centre at a pink floyd concert

A pink Floyd concert, get what I'm on about?

A pink Floyd concert, get what I'm on about?

My question is now, when did these new ultra bright blue/white lights become the way of the world, and why are my mirrors in the worst possible place for this?

Admittedly these LED lights do look amazing on most cars they are fitted to. And on a plus side, the 5-0 are equipped with LEDs meaning its a dead giveaway if you've got the local constabulary on your tail.

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  • Not sure how it works, but there are some new developments in oncoming headlight defeat systems being introduced to eliminate headlight glare. Perhaps being startled like a bunny rabbit in your headlights will be a thing if the past. Just wish designers would stop with the eyebrow affect on running lights and indicators. It's laughable how these comical faces look to anyone other than the driver.

      3 years ago
  • it seems to be more of the people buying what I refer to as "kentucky go-fasters" - accessories to add onto a car because they can't afford any meaningful upgrades(seriously - I've seen mudflaps on sedans, and artificial scrotums attached to the trailer hitches of brodozers).

    The idiots who buy high-powered headlights don't get them to see. They get them to be seen. So - they angle them up to maximize the effect. There's a still-annoying but less-harmful branch of that - the pathetic loser who can't afford the actual kit, so they get transparent blue-tinted film and cover their light lenses with it to give them the appearance of a higher light temperature.... though they usually angle theirs up for the same purpose, so they're really not much better.

      3 years ago
  • Manufacturers should start making auto-dim mirrors standard on their cars. At least if they're going to fit blinding headlights on the front (Mercs are the worst for some reason) then they should at least equip the driver to avoid them getting blinded!

      3 years ago
    • I was thinking about this whilst I was driving. Like the auto dim middle mirror. Could work, great idea ed

        3 years ago
    • They already do, I've had cars with that feature.

        3 years ago
  • on my country (Cambodia) people out after market LED lights on that won't go to low beam. It's like a witnessing a collapse star in your car driving around the street at night.

      3 years ago
  • BMW i8 has laser illuminated headlights that adjust in real time to not blind vehicles ahead.

      3 years ago