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Something is bugging me

LED/Xenon Lights

3y ago

So to preface this article the “Something is bugging me” is more of a rant at a single aspect of driving and not at the driver as such. So, nobody cares..... “Get on with it!!!!!”

A few rants ago I mentioned my distaste for people that leave their high beam lights on. Well now it’s the turn of the LED and Xenon light, a light whose brightness –even on its dipped function- rivals that of the blue dwarf star Alcor. This is no more prevalently seen then when I take a trip down the freeway at night. Granted my MINIs mirrors are placed at headlight height, but whenever a Xenon/LED equipped car drives past I feel like I’m front and centre at a Pink Floyd concert

A Pink Floyd Concert, get what I'm on about??

A Pink Floyd Concert, get what I'm on about??

My question is now, when did these new ultra bright blue/white lights become the way of the world, and why are my mirrors in the worst possible place for this?

Admittedly these LED lights do look amazing on most cars they are fitted to. And on a plus side, the 5-0 are equipped with LEDs meaning its a dead giveaway if you've got the local constabulary on your tail.

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