Something nice about Drivetribe...

And something unique about it in terms of social media!

First of all, apologies, but this is nothing to do with the Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake. I just like them. Technically I should have posted a montage of political party leaders, but I couldn't face it. I've seen enough of May, Corbyn, Farron and Sturgeon thanks to other social media platforms.

The June 8th election is interesting. I don't know if it's just me, but I feel it's the most venomous, toxic, bitter election we've had in a long time. The country is split down the middle over Brexit. Whichever way you look at it, more or less half the country want it, and half don't. Having the referendum was a stupid move, intended to unite the Tory party and fulfill a manifesto promise they made in order to crush UKIP. It didn't do that, all it did was make half the country hate the other half.

The country has paid the price. It was always going to be divisive. It's split the conservative party, it's sliced Labour down the middle and it's filled every social media platform except for this one with the Tories banging on about how they want total autocracy so they can get the best deal on Brexit - even though May argued strongly against Brexit during the referendum campaign. It's got the Greens pleading for the other left-of-centre parties to unite and do some sort of deal, while Labour and the Lib Dems snipe each other because they don't think they can they can convince Tory voters to support them.

I don't know who you support politically, whichever way you look at it our country is in a complete mess at the moment and I'm not convinced any of them can fix it. The NHS is on it's knees, crippled by under-funding and reeling from being dismantled by stealth privatization. Austerity hasn't solved the deficit problem - borrowing is up far more than the last time Labour was in power. Labour are split on who should be leader and whether we should be in or out of the EU.

Globally things aren't much better. We've got an unpredictable President of the USA, threatening to start a Nuclear War with an unhinged North Korean despot. We've got ISIS still going strong in Syria, no end in sight to the Syrian war, with Russia supporting Assad while promoting nationalism in European countries - possibly so he divide Europe, and weaken it.... So he can start annexing more Eastern-European provinces.

From every angle the world looks like it's going to hell in a hand-basket to me. You can't login to Facebook or Twitter without being bombarded with this stuff. God forbid you go anywhere near the actual news sites!

Yet, you login to DriveTribe and strangely, all this apocalyptic crap vanishes. There's no Labour party posts claiming Tim Farron is a Homophobe. There's no memes comparing Jeremy Corbyn to Steptoe. There's no Empress May threatening people against a 'Coalition of Chaos'. It's refreshing. It's like social media is a really hardcore club, with a lot of head-ache inducing noise going on, and DriveTribe is the chill out room. A place to take a breather and re-charge the batteries, before heading back into the storm... To face the maelstrom.

I almost feel bad for mentioning politics here. It's not very British to state your political views. It falls somewhere in the same politeness category as describing what your last poo was like. However I just wanted to say this. I wanted to applaud DriveTribe and all it's members, for broadly speaking, 'being a hub of positivity'.

Yes, we're tribal. That's why this place calls itself DriveTribe. However if you're a BMW man you're not going to be snow-flaking social media with memes about the Audi CEO being homophobic. We're not like that. I don't empathize with the chief of the Morris Marina owner's Club. I respect him though. If someone rolled up outside with a Morris Marina 1800 super and said, 'Go on, have a drive and see what you think - insurance is sorted!' I would jump behind the wheel and take it for a spin. (To be fair it would probably be better than my first car!

So let's celebrate the apolitical nature of DriveTribe. Let's smile at the fact that we're more concerned about how much BHP a car has, how it handles and how it looks - than how many duck-houses our local MP has scammed through expenses!

Martyn Stanley

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Comments (6)

  • I noticed a political meme just yesterday and realized how lucky we have been. Hopefully, no one bumps or comments on them and we keep the peace for a while longer.

      4 years ago
  • Facebook can be a troll-filled social media battlefield John. Only thick-skinned, almost pig-headed keyboard warriors should apply! :p I think the journalistic style of DT and the tone really sets it apart.

      4 years ago
  • I don't know. I've had several of my posts put on the Drivetribe Facebook page and some of the vitriol you get!

      4 years ago
  • I really enjoy the superb original content postings where people really took care on their words, images , topic choices , compositions etc... a lot of the other social media outlets are dominated by reposts and shares or based on good photography but caption type text. Or 'motivational motto' repostings ! I love the longer articles, some great writing and some superb photography or cinematography interspersed with very witty shorter contributions, a perfect mix! And re Voltaire ? Ha ha ha hmmmm food for thought

      4 years ago
  • Smart crowd here on drivetribe keeps us from to devolving into being an average person. We learned long ago how to be happy from Voltaire. We are just tending our gardens...

    I wonder what car he would be driving today?


      4 years ago