Sometimes a quick trip is the best...

Not all ROAD TRIPS have to be a Pan-American ADVENTURE. Sometimes it is a simple goal that makes the trip all worth it... Hot Chocolate..

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My girls have fallen in love with riding around in my 2006 Porsche 997 C4... and I have fallen in love with riding around in it with them. Our normal adventure takes us to the nearest shopping town for ice-cream but today was different. After lunch time I came down stairs and proposed an adventure to the girls... would they like to drive to Silverton Colorado for hot chocolate.

Good hot chocolate

Good hot chocolate

That was all it took, we loaded ourselves and the girls in the car and we were off. This is the best and simplest of road trips, a goal and a treat. For us we are surrounded by several cute "ye old" mountain towns but pick somewhere with character near you, could be a Civil War Battlefield, a State Park, old mill town or whatever. Then add to the mix a simple treat: ice-cream, a book, coffee, a hotdog.. whatever tickles your fancy.

A little leg stretch..

A little leg stretch..

Trips like this help the girls to build excitement for the destination and reward both the grownups and kids with a treat for good behavior. Not to mention I got to drive some of the most amazing streches of the Million Dollar Highway, filled with tight turns, montainn vistas and no speed traps...get yourselves and your kids in the car and go!

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