Somewhere This Formula 1 Graveyard Exists

1y ago


Every once and a while you come across a collection of pics from some junkyard or back woods or someplace and it is filled with awesome cars slowly returning to nature. They are waiting for someone to buy them and return them to their former glory. You even see some old racecars in a field just begging to be chosen and taken to a better place. What I have never seen is a collection of Formula 1 cars this extensive just sitting out in the open exposed to the harsh mistress known as mother nature.

Sadly despite some digging I could not find any information on the location of this collection. No idea where these cars are or who owns them. If you know anything more please comment. I'm sure there is some person out there looking to give the owner a big bag of money.

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  • this popped up on my fb feed a week or two ago. someone said it was done by some students on a universal chassis with motorcycle engines. great work and details though.

    1 year ago
  • These would make a great start to a museum.

    1 year ago


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