Sonoma Drift - Winterjam 2016

Northern CA's biggest drift event of the year

4y ago

The biggest drift event in Northern CA - it brings out the Pros and the Bros for some door-banging drift action on 6 different tracks running simultaneously.

Early morning prep and tech inspection prior to the two-day event was off to a brisk start with temps in the high 30's, but forecast called for a clear and sunny weekend - a huge improvement over last year's torrential downpour.

After checking out tech inspection, I headed to turn 11 to get some shots where the drivers were practicing some tandem runs.

After 11, I headed to the skipdad where they had "Meihan" set up. The team from Red Baron Racing was doing ride-alongs for some very willing spectators.

From Meihan, I headed to turn 3, known as the "Summerjam" course - where drivers would make their way up the hill into a sharp right turn as they crest the hill - one of my favorite spots to shoot, with the gorgeous Sonoma scenery in the background, as well as a complex turn often resulting in some off-road excursions.

From here, I headed further up the track to turn 7, where some guys were getting some practice for competition the next day. This is one of the favorite tracks, with a high speed entry and a nice smoky finish.

I made my way back to turn 11 to finish up the day and got some shots of the tandem competition.

Instead of wrapping up, I decided to head back to Meihan to get some shots of the chaos. Of course, there was a vehicular casualty requiring use of the flatbed truck.

Day 1 was a wrap... temps were dropping and it was time to do some repairs.

Day 1 was a wrap... temps were dropping and it was time to do some repairs.

Day 2 started back up at turn 7, which was again going to be made up of a lot of drivers getting their practice runs in for the big competition in the afternoon. It also resulted in an unfortunate, early finish for a local favorite - Ryan Rasberry when he hit the wall on his entry.

After turn 7, I headed back to my favorite spot at turn 3 to catch some action

I made my way back to 7 for the competition and to wrap up the 2 day event.

Congrats to the 2016 Winterjam competition winners - Travis Ragona (1st place), Julian Dumay (2nd place) and Trenton Beechum (3rd place)!!

Huge thanks to Faruk Kugay for organizing and running this amazing event, as well as all the drivers and their teams who put on an amazing show! See you next year!

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