Sony surprises everyone with the Vision-S concept car at CES

Sony - yes, that Sony - has made an electric concept car

1y ago

The electric car revolution has seen plenty of new players enter the car game, but hardly anyone was watching electronics giant Sony. Well, more fool us, because at the CES technology show in the USA, the Japanese firm whipped away the covers on this, the Vision-S concept car.

Before you get your hopes up, we don’t expect to see these zipping around on the road, because the Vision-S is merely a fancy way of showing off a load of new tech that Sony is working on. Chief among these is an array of sensors — some 33 of them — that can detect and recognise people both inside and outside of the car, and use that information to “provide highly advanced driving support”, which we'd interpret as some new and exciting driver assistance systems.

The Vision-S also has speakers built into the seats to give some serious sound system sexiness, and the entire dashboard is a screen, upon which passengers can watch… well, all sorts of things, presumably. Sat-nav, Netflix, YouTube...

Sounds like fun, and could well be stuff we see appearing in future cars from more established automotive manufacturers. Or maybe Sony will surprise us again with a full production version. Maybe. But probably not.

Think Sony should stick to consumer electronics rather than meddle in the world of cars? When we’re not driving cars we love nothing better than blocking out our colleagues with our Sony WH-1000MX3 noise-cancelling headphones. Sony isn’t even paying us to say this – they’re just great. They down to £240 and you can grab yours here.

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Comments (40)

  • Anyone who has owned Sony products know that they are awesome, until they break. They all Break. When I was younger I sold electronics and Sony was a top brand. It was also the brand returned most often for a warranty complaint. We had more Sony Tv's returned than the next two "bad" brands combined.

    I have three broken PS3 game consoles in my basement. I had a full complement of Audio equipment, it all broke. Even the Sony Alarm clock refuses to function properly.

    I wouldn't put my life in the hands of Sony, so I am relieved this is just a demonstration mule and not a real product.

      1 year ago
    • I have many Sony products and they have never once broken. But I may have gotten extremely lucky. And I still wouldn’t have the car.

        1 year ago
    • I have had two phones and they both work perfectly fine, well, one works, the other(Z3 compact) I overheated and the front panel adhesive melted, so I sent it to be repaired but the shop couldn't so they replaced it with a X. I wasn't satisfied...

      Read more
        1 year ago
  • This pretty much is proves than an electric car isn’t a car but just a household appliance.

      1 year ago
  • Incredible. Its not that ugly

      1 year ago
  • At last. An EV dash that doesn’t look like a huge I pad just stuck on it

      1 year ago
  • Slightly prettier Tesla.

      1 year ago