- H​olly Walkman, It's a Sony!

S​ony Vision-S and, errr...Sony sound system!!!

S​o we've been hearing about an Apple car for a decade now, it is happening, it is canceled, new project Titan, Apple hired ex Tesla engineers...

N​o Apple car and the 2020 deadline is here. All the hype and expectations and not even a prototype. And than unexpected und unannounced out of the blue a Japanese electronics giant Sony surprises us all with a car! Yes, you are reading it correctly. If you have just glanced around your home and read Sonys name on your TV, speakers, camera, gaming console, blueray player, ...that is the one! Sony company started in Japan right after the WWII and committed to producing electronics, mostly for a home and studio usage and recording. Needles to say that pretty much anything Sony made was an instant success and in most cases was a pioneer in electronics world. One can not think of Sony and not mention a Walkman, a Discman, a MiniDisc, a new era digital Walkman and Sonys globally successful PlayStation gaming consoles. Sony left a footprint in both Audio and Video making and recording. From an analogue record players and real to reals to a legendary cassette, CD, dcc, DAT, MiniDisc and Super Audio CD. In video Sony had them all too. VHS, Beta, VHS-C, LaserDisc, DVD and the latest BlueRay players are still the pinnacle of a high quality audio-video reproduction! I shall stop here as the list goes on but these are the some that are important to keep in mind while writing about Sonys, hm, car!

S​o when I have seen it for the first time while waited for the Fisker Ocean reveal, my thoughts were, front reminisce the Porsche Taycan, I see some Tesla model 3 and rear looked to me like Saab has returned to the automotive playground. Overall, yes, it's a very good looking Saab! Just that it isn't. It is a fully new and independently developed car by electronics conglomerate Sony. Well, actually, Magma-Steyr did develop the platform, but everything else is Sony. Again, Continental did the tires, Brembo the brakes, Nvidia...ok, you can see where I am going here. But other car makers don't make tires, all serious ones use Brembo brakes, Nvidia is in most infotainment systems, and Sony use to make an infotainment system for Ford, but no more. B&O does that now. So my guess is that Sony decided to make its own wheels. And to sum it up, pretty those wheels are. The car looks very production ready even though production is not what Sony had in mind. This is just a test bead for the electronics. And that is the shame. A car that is so complete from the very start would find its place in a market very easily. Being powered by two 200kW electric motors gives it 0-100kph in a solid 4.8 seconds. Has plenty of room for four adults with luggage they need and whilst transporting them provides a studio quality sound and picture entertaining them on their journey to future. An immersive experience for sure Sony did provide us with here and that's not just putting a high resolution audio speakers all over the car including the seats. We can only hope that someone in Sony City, Tokyo will greenlight this amazing gizmo on wheels to go into producioto just the way it is.

P​lease feel free to leave your thoughts in comments below and let us know what do you think about this bold project Sony has done. Would you consider to experience Sony on wheels as well?

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