S​oon you will be able to buy a Bronco 6x6

1​.5x the wheels, 13.3x the price

3w ago

R​ecently Ford themselves unveiled several aftermarket upgrades at the Moab Trail so owners could make their wheels look better and acheive more. There was one thing missing though-what about more wheels? Well Maxlider Brothers Customs has you covered. What they have done is take a normal Bronco and stretch it to fit 2 more wheels in it.

N​ot a lot of details have been released about it yet but there is a new custom roof rack, BF Goodrich off-road tyres and lifted suspention. According to this CAD rendering it will have a longer cabin instead of a pickup conversion. There is hope for a power boost from the twin-turbo V6 but that hasn’t been confirmed.

N​ow when can I get it and for how much? It is scheduled to be released in 2022 as long as the standard Bronco stays on shedule but that isn’t guaranteed since the start of production schedule has changed several times already. Currently the Bronco production line should be online on May 3.

N​ow the cost. $399,000. 13.3x the $29,995 starting price for 4 wheels and you can only get it in the USA.

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Comments (19)

  • It's awesome, but I just don't want a 6x6. I'm not going through a warzone.

      22 days ago
  • why get this when the Mercedes G 63 AMG 6x6 exists?

      22 days ago
  • I understand it but don’t agree with it. A G63 6x6 is and always was going to be limited and super expensive, a five year old would know that, but a bronco was never meant to be this expensive. It’s like making a Toyota Corolla with rolls Royce levels of luxury, no one said you can’t do it, but that was never the point and never will be. If someone has the cash to buy one and wants one then that all fair enough and good on them for getting one, but $400k for a bronco?......no thank you

      21 days ago
    • Fair enough. I’d spend that on a Ferrari instead.

        16 days ago
    • Yea definitely. At least $400k later I’d be looking at a Ferrari 488 pista,the new 812 competizione or even a classic Ferrari, not a..........bronco. The name doesn’t warrant $400k unless we’re talking GT40, some unique/rare mustang and...

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        15 days ago
  • i’d rather get anything else. i already wouldn’t trust a bronco to get me down a gravel driveway, i definitely wouldn’t trust one with more shit on it to break

      22 days ago
  • I could buy a house, or a bunch of old cars to restore, so many things you can do with that kind of money.

      23 days ago