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That`s right. At the end of the summer I got chance to drive pretty much the ugliest Type R Civic of all time.

2y ago

I`ve never driven any Type R before so I felt a bit excited and anguished at the same time. I mean I have heard a lot about Honda engines, but I do not swallow the look of those shivery bun carts. I mean look at it.

I´m so glad that I have so good sense of humor that I first even agreed to drive that... thing. When I left the work and headed home, first thing I noticed was that the dashboard looked like it had designed by two designers that ended up in compromise. "Lets make it futuristic, but not so much"

Literally, it`s hard to see the both gauges clearly at the same time.

When the engine had warmed up I thought that I had chance to drive that little Japanese virgin teenagers wet dream like it supposed to drive but as you can see, I got stuck in the traffic jam. So I had to wait until I´m in my hometown. Meanwhile, while groveling with the traffic about 80km/h (50mph) I got chance to test the fuel economy of this smooth chubby body powered with engine packed in 2 liters full of finest mechanical parts and structure fully in balance and ofcourse the legendary vtec- system. I was SHOCKED by the fact that even driving in back of a truck this car eats about 8,5l/100km (28mpg) at highway speed. That`s not good start for the test drive with this car.

When I finally made it to home I had to pick up my mom at the downtown. Driving from traffic lights to other I started to suspect am I really driving a Type R. It felt like any normal car, maybe a bit more tame even. Then I picked mom and first thing she said was that she really loved the front seats of that car and that she wants it. I was horrified thinking her owning almost 200bhp fwd fart balloon when she couldn`t even follow the speed limit because scaring so much. In a while I stopped at the traffic lights on my own and thought that it would be nice to try the launch control of this car. Put in 1:st. Press the clutch. Pedal to the metal. It´s not a fast car, but it's quick. The LSD make the car easy to handle with one hand when the other is at the shift knob. Also you can smash the gears any way you want and always ending up to the right gear without the problems. The engine wakes up at 6500rpm and goes fast to the 8000rpm. Although that it feels and sounds just like a normal car in soft driving, in those rpm:s engine reveals its real character. Sound is like Yamaha R1 motorcycle passing by at throttles open. And after changing the gear at 8krpm to the next gear, the rpm:s are just at the right place, 6500rpm. So when you wanna go, it really goes without any lag at all. Bad thing about the turbo bandits. That`s why the engine is the best and the worst at the same time. This car should be driven only flat out. Otherwise you end up thinking that you should have bought BMW M5 E39 at the same amount of money. After all it`s clear that it`s not the prettiest car in a planet, but I think the Type R is the only way to make this body to look a bit more tolerable.

Bonus extra: I was shocked by the size of the trunk!

Actually I also had to pick my kids from daycare and I said to the nanny that i cannot fit the pushchairs in that car because, well, "look at it". But I didn`t open the trunk until evening when filming that car.

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  • Welcome to Drivetribe Joni!

      2 years ago
    • Thanks! Forgot to mention that cornering with that car was amazing despite that I had no chance to test it properly. I´ve always loved fast fwd:s.

        2 years ago