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A lot has already been written about the brand new 2018 Formula One logotype across social media, mostly by people who wake up every day hoping to be offended by something and/or expressing an opinion on pretty much everything, ever; whether they’re qualified to or not. Remember, we’re talking about social media here; the planet’s optimum platform(s) to register our immense/unfounded displeasure at 95% of things, 95% of the time.

The recently unveiled new F1 logotype has been variously described as akin to a ‘Scalextric track gone wrong’, ‘something out of Stranger Things’ and ‘like something which Atari rejected. In 1983’ (the latter my opinion, just for the record). Meanwhile other detractor queueing up to have a pop have gone to the time and trouble to point out how ‘the 1 looks more like the letter ‘I’’. Clearly never having heard of the phrase, ‘artistic license’. Or for that matter, appreciating the finer points of font aesthetics.

But if you think some of these musings from respected authorities/people with eggs as their Twitter profile pictures are mildly dismissive/damning of Liberty Media’s new Formula One logotype, just wait to you discover the ringing endorsement star drivers such as Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are giving it. Yup, the praise-heaping continued courtesy of current World Drivers’ Champion, Hamilton referring to it as being ‘not truly iconic’, while German also-ran, Vettel admitted that ‘he wasn’t a fan’ (of the rebranding). The actual words Hamilton used were, “The old one was iconic, and the new one isn't,” with Vettel reinforcing the leading drivers’ seemingly negative stereotypes by adding; “I liked the old one better.”

'Which of course in no way whatsoever sounds like a sentence which was constructed while I was sat inside my own rectal passage.'

My rectal passage, november 2017

Others who have thus far been privy to F1’s biggest graphic reinvention in 30 years are at best, ambivalent, at worse, completely disinterested; essentially choosing to ignore the subject and instead use the opportunity to bleat on about the halo concept, budget caps and the possibility of three power units coming into effect from next season; clearly not understanding what graphic design is all about even if it reared up and byte them on their Hairyveticas.

Mind you, that’s still less irritating than those who are professing an interest (good, bad or indifferent) and are busy talking about ‘negative space’ and ‘other such pretentious bollocks’ as though they have a post-graduate qualification in marketing, or as I prefer to call it; boring us the fuck to death.

Anyway, according to those whose thoughts do count (that’ll be the creative bods behind the revised logotype), the very latest regeneration is supposedly symbolic of a modern era F1 race car, albeit complete with ‘modern-retro feel’; replacing the previous design which was first introduced by former Formula One ringmaster, Bernie Ecclestone some three decades ago. Yeah, smooth. Personally (and putting my one-time Graphic Design student hat on for a minute) I’m embracing the new design and consider it to be suitably futuristic, yet touchingly nostalgic at the same time. Which of course in no way whatsoever sounds like a sentence which was constructed while I was sat inside my own rectal passage. However, I do believe Liberty are missing an obvious trick by not borrowing head honcho, Chase Carey’s instantly recognizable ‘tache and subsequenbtly deploying it in place of the letter ‘M’……

So, what do YOU think of the new 2018 Formula One logotype?

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