Sound on! The next-gen Corvette C8 Z06 sounds magnificent

Loud and throaty

6d ago

I'm 1000% convinced that the single most important thing we, petrolheads/car nuts/gearheads, love about fast cars is sound. The Lexus LFA, for example, has often been praised as being one of the most sensational cars of our time, with the inevitable clause, "...mainly because of the engine sound". Even Jeremy said as much once. Just a couple of days ago, Chevy teased the upcoming nex-gen Z06 by sharing a video on its official YouTube channel and even though you can't actually see the car, you can definitely hear it.

The C8 Z06 will likely utilize a flat-plane crank V8, an evolution of the 6.2 L that powers the 'standard' V8. Some say it might actually use the 5.5 L flat-plane crank V8 out of the Corvette C8.R racecar and either way, it sounds tremendous.

It kinda like sounds like an old F1 car, especially under acceleration, while it sounds a bit more throaty and guttural on tickover.

How would you describe this sound?

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