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When things are not going right...

5d ago

It had started well, I felt in love with the V60 after the first test ride, signed the contract and a week later I was already driving it. So far so good.

Quickly after I started to feel vibrations in the steering wheel. Not a big thing, a road force balance would do the trick, normally. Except that I experienced the first sign of something which would be a bigger problem. As the end of winter was coming, the garage assumed that the tires were faulty. We changed them. No improvement.

Then the garage proposed to change the rear drive shaft as the vibration in the car (I forgot to tell that the car became a shaker, not only the steering wheel) could come from there. A little improvement later, the vibration was still here.

Now it was time to change the brake disks (why not?), even if the car was stable when braking. And lately we changed the front drive shafts. Better.... but still vibrations in the steering wheel, not in the entire car anymore.

So now we are reaching the point where it could be a factory issue. When they built the r-design model with everything stiffer, they somehow forget to consider that the steering components could become weaker.

Next step is to see if they are able to find a solution or if all R design are the same and vibrations are a "feature". That would mean for me to change the car already. I have to say that this is very disappointing from a brand which was well known in the past for its reliability.

Now my question: who has a V60 or V90, with the R design package, and suffers from the same issue? I would be glad to get your feedback.

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  • That is a beautifully specced car. I've not seen a V60 in that particular shade of electric blue, probably because I barely see any V60s at all. Sorry about your issues but at least someone is still buying longroofs.

      1 day ago